October 18, 2011

DIY of the Week: Flower Hair Pins

Hello lovelies! I have been noticing such cute hair ideas on blogs and different websites and had to make some for myself! Of course, mine had to be in my favorite shade of pink, but it is very versatile! I have seen felt flower hair pins here on A Beautiful Mess, and beautiful silk flower hair combs here on Etsy.

You will need:
A Stem of artificial flowers
2 - 4 bobby pins with round bezels
a hot glue gun

 Begin by clipping a flower from your stem along with two leaves.

 Use the hot glue gun to glue the pieces together. Let dry for about five minutes.

 Now glue the bezel of the bobby pin to the back of your flower arrangement and press firmly together. 

Let dry for about 10 to 20 minutes to make sure it sets well and violĂ ! You have a gorgeous little hair piece! I wear mine with a twist bun to fun it up!

 What is your favorite hair piece or style?

If the hot glue does not keep the piece together, try using super glue or a cross stitch across the back.


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