November 17, 2011

DIY: Pinwheel Art

Hello wonderful friends! I made something adorable that I have seen in several places on the net and had to try out!

 It is super easy and this is all you need:

  • pages of paper (I used ripped out pages of an old book)
  • a glue gun
  • thin card board (like a cereal box) or scrapbooking paper
  • yarn
Fold each page back and forth (hot dog style) from one end to the other, each fold roughly 1/2 inch wide.

Now glue your pages together, end to end and fold them into a circle.

Glue the scrapbook paper over the center on each side. I used some cute ones for the front! Glue the yarn to the back and hang it up!

Have fun!


  1. Love this!!!! Where did you get those cute cards to put on top???

  2. Those are actually from a scrapbook paper set I found on sale at Joanne's a couple of weeks ago! I thought this was the perfect way to use them! There are tons more where those came from :)

  3. Cute, Logan! Mini versions would make perfect Christmas ornaments!

  4. That would be super cute! I am also going to make mini ones for a garland!