November 30, 2011

A little list of good things...

So today I have been set back on a certain goal, and it got me feeling a little blue and I am in the middle of projects so I don't have one to post. So, since posting makes me feel good, I decided I would make a list of positive things and goals I have thus far achieved and hope to achieve in the future.

I have achieved thus far...

  1. married a most wonderful, supporting husband whom I love
  2. began college and finished my freshman year successfully
  3. received an internship with a magazine
  4. successfully have made my mark on campus through writing and designing for College Avenue Magazine
  5. received a scholarship to support my college career
  6. created this blog
  7. learned all sorts of new paper crafts
  8. received a very nice free sewing machine from my mother-in-law
  9. learned to cook some very delicious, yet simple meals
  10. learned to love and be loved

What I hope to achieve in the future...

  1. repair my new sewing machine and learn to sew well
  2. learn to knit
  3. finish my sophomore year of college successfully
  4. get hired at my internship as an editorial assistant
  5. become an editor for College Avenue Magazine
  6. find my niche in what I enjoy doing
  7. always know when to speak up
  8. not be so awkward around people
  9. make my own clothes
  10. become a editor-in-chief or publisher of a regional magazine

So I ask: what are you happy about and what do you hope to achieve in your life?

Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. I have achieved blogging, thanks to you, my dear. I am now working on getting a lot of my friends and business associates started.