December 15, 2011

Decorating with your VS Pink Dogs

Everyone enjoys getting their free Pink dog when they buy something from Victoria's Secret, but when they start piling up, what do you do with all of them? Well, after mine sat in my closet for a little while just taking up space, I decided to make better use of them.

I was reorganizing my closet to suit all of my new craft bins and wanted to use them as a decoration.

I hung my dogs up using safety pins and picture hangers.
I stuck the safety pin through the fabric on the backside of my dog in the center of the body.
Marked the wall where I wanted to hang them, then hammered my picture hangers in.

And this is how they turned out! They look adorable and say hello every time I pen up my closet door! I only have one more final this afternoon and then my semester is over! Then I will have more time to devote to crafting and, of course, blogging!

Happy Thursday!

**Not affiliated with Victoria's Secret.


  1. Cute! I've never heard of getting these dogs for free. They'd be super cute in a little girl's room, too.

  2. When you buy an item from Pink in VS they give you a free dog (or at least they used to) and this in my little collection :)