April 14, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses on a budget

I was hoping that going shopping with three of my closest friends should be a wonderful experience, everyone should get along, but I was wrong. Well, shopping with my maid of honor, my lovely sister Autumn is always a joy, when we are alone or with our lovely mother, but neither of us have ever been much for bargain shopping in a mall.

Our budget was to stay under $100 for each dress, which doesn't sound too ridiculous, but we couldn't find a single dress we wanted within our budget in the entire Park Meadows Mall in Denver. Well, except this beautiful strapless Oleg Cassini dress in Dillards for $130.

And after an exhausting day shopping and not finding the dress of our dreams in our budget, we decided to make them. My mother has made my prom dresses and homecoming dresses in high school in the past, so she wanted to give a shot at the bridesmaids dresses.

The maid of honor, my beautiful sister Autumn will be wearing simplicity pattern 3878, with beautiful pink tulle and satin from Hobby Lobby.
The pattern is fun and beautiful, without the not so fun price that the perfect dress comes with. The pattern can be found in just about any fabric section of any store, or online at Simplicity.
My lovely roommate, Christie, will be wearing another Simplicity pattern with the same pink satin that will accent Autumn's dress.
The strapless version of this dress is what we are going for, which has a striking resemblance to the dress we found in Dillards that we loved, but without that price tag, once again. This dress pattern is also available at Simplicity.
I am truly looking forward to the wedding and all the shopping we have to do for apparel at this point is shoes, and I know everyone loves shoe shopping! At least my family and friends.

I am looking forward to seeing how these dresses come together, and if you are a guest, be sure to steer clear of these dresses please! Wedding procession only :)



  1. I love strapless bridesmaid dresses! Super classy and chic! I wore a strapless little number when I was matron of honor in my BFF's wedding. It cost $130 (not including alterations) and the dress patterns you've selected are every bit as beautiful! Nice idea!

  2. I am looking forward to making the dresses. It is a nice way to contribute to the wedding, and to stay in touch with my two brilliant daughters!
    We are going to use the same Rose satin on both dresses, and same flower accents at the waist. I hope that the girls love them!