April 27, 2011

Ready to register!

Coming from a small town, Mark and I both know not to expect people to make a trip to Denver for wedding gifts. That said, we registered at the two biggest stores in Montrose: Target and JC Penny's.

Going around the store Mark and I were so excited to talk about the wedding and be thinking about all of the guests that will be attending! Mark had a blast running around scanning all of the items in the store, and we just laughed and had a day of fun in the store.

At Target, we found the most beautiful set of ceramic dishes, that we both had our eyes on. Mark does pottery in his spare time, so this style is something we both really are drawn to.

The Jade Moon dinnerware set is gorgeous and would give a beautiful look to the table. It can be bought in the store or online here.
When it came to the bedroom, Mark actually found the perfect bedspread at JC Penny's online, and it will go great with our tan or white wicker full bed set.

The Athena Comforter set is beautiful and definitely brightens up a room! I would love for our room to look like this one! The set is only available online at JC Penny.
 Along with that beautiful bed set, we found gorgeous, soft sheets that will accent the blue just right.

500 Thread count Damask sheets by Chris Madden in hazel are just right to match the light blue of the comforter set. These sheets are available in the store as well as online.
 All of our kitchen choices are at Target and all of our bedding and bathroom choices are at JC Penny's. We are both so very excited to see our first place come together with our creativity!

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