May 17, 2011

Wedding Favors Galore!

One thing that has been on my mind is the perfect wedding favors. I have been looking at so many fun and creative ideas and I just can't decide quite yet, but I am starting to have a favorite! Here are some that The Knot had as their favorite picks from weddings and I love them!

Jones Sodas have always been my favorite, and they have great personalized bottle options! The Knot

I love these little herb favors! The Knot

On a hot summer day for our outdoor wedding, everyone is going to need water! The Knot

Fans to cool off from the summer sun. The Knot

Cootie catchers are a fun way to make things a little playful at the wedding. The Knot

Pinwheels would be a cute little thing to have around! The Knot

Mark and I love tea, so giving mugs would be a great idea for the guests! The Knot

The cookie cutter idea just looked adorable! The Knot
Hand sewn wedding favor bags make a fantastic homemade gift! The Knot

I just keep finding such cute ideas! Enjoy!

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