October 11, 2011

Decorating the bedroom for him & her

When it came to decorating, Mark wanted to help, but not more than he had to. What can be hard about decorating the first newly-wed room is balancing the room with his and her things. While I was in charge of decorating the walls, Mark chose a beautiful color blue to paint the room to keep it gender neutral (because the white would have driven us crazy!).

As a wedding gift we received wall cubes that are adorable decorative shelve. Mark and I had to have a wall decal and chose the Eiffel Tower for above the bed. Both items from target.
I have always loved collaging and had one in my previous room, so Mark let me run with it, because he always loved the wall in my room when we were dating in high school.

My fabulous lace curtains! I love them. Less than $5 at a resale shop and they are memorabilia from the wedding!
I loved our wedding, mom made my veil and it is the best part of my wardrobe from that day, so it hangs on my wall next to my hanging jewelry box that my mother-in-law gave me for the shower.
Her Closet: a place where I can have my girlie stuffed animals and photos without it taking up all of our dresser space in the room.
My closet is my haven where I can have my shoes and clothes organized to my liking, including my boots collection!

Our room suits us fabulously and is filled with our love without clutter! We brought our lives together to live in one room and are so in love with our personal space.


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