November 10, 2011

The Mystery Machine: are your dishes clean or dirty?

Hello Lovelies! Today I had a little extra time after finishing homework to do something crafty! In our apartment, it is always hard to know if someone else ran the dishwasher or not, since we all have very different schedules. So, I made this adorable little sign to indicate whether they are clean or dirty! I got the idea from my friend Katie over at her Guilty Pleasures blog. I visited her Sunflower House last weekend and it was just the perfect solution!

I even fashioned a brad out of a twist tie to make the arrow spin well! It is helpful, and cute, my favorite kind of craft :)



  1. Love it! P.s. I changed my blog URL haha so now it's Kate and I agreed it made more sense haha.
    LOVE you dishwasher!