November 15, 2011

Shopping and all that other stuff

Hello lovelies! Oh how I have missed you. College is certainly catching up to me with all that homework, but all is well! I have been seriously thinking fashion lately, like addiction status. Well, I went home for the weekend and got to spend time with my wonderful mother (from JewelrybyLeslieT) and we went Salvation Army clothing diving. Seriously, this place was filled with clothes. Well, it turned out that I found some fabulous things!This is what I wore today...

The skirt was thrifted for $2.99, and it has pockets, my favorite!

Boots my mom got me 5 years ago... still my favorites!

A fabulous waist belt always pulls my outfits together, and I made the bracelet!
Better get back to my studies, but I will be back in a few days when Thanksgiving break starts! Maybe you will get a few shots from my 99 cent Monday shopping trip with the girls at a local thrift store ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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