November 21, 2011

Origami Star Ornament

I found a tutorial on how to make gorgeous stars out of the art of folding paper, unfortunately I had to follow the pictures, because the whole tutorial was in Russian! So I am bringing it to you in English ;)

All you need is paper!

 First fold your square piece of paper in half.
 Now fold the top two corners in towards the center to line up with the half fold.
 Fold both sides upwards to line up with the half folds.
 Make cross folds by folding the top triangle to each side, lining up with the outer edge.

 Now fold the upper triangle in towards the center, and fold the bottom triangle to its back.

Repeat these five steps with each piece of paper you intend to put in the star (for best results give it a even amount of points.
 When putting the star together slide the smaller triangle into the other's larger triangle, behind the folds.
Do this all of the way around and it should look like this. Then pull them in until they all meet in the middle.

You can add a string to hang it up!


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