November 21, 2011

A new craft organizer

So today was such a fun and wonderful girls day with Katie and Kristen! We went to Once Again Thrift, Plato's Closet and Charming Charlies. I only bought a few things at Once Again Thrift, but Charming Charlies was such a neat store of accessories!

I found this adorable little wine box and had to have it (even though it wasn't for sale... ) so I talked to the owner and got it for $2.59 (for some reason she doesn't like even numbers... ) and I brought it home and made it into  wonderful craft box!

 What I did was make solid sides for it with cardboard that I covered with some fabric I had laying around.
 I measured out the sides and cut them to fit, which was very easy to do with just a pair of scissors and a marker.
 Then I measured out my fabric to cover the cardboard, glued it with a hot glue gun, and then glued the pieces in to finish. It is perfect!
I also found some cute Christmas lights for less than $5 all together! There were a few other items I picked up that you will be seeing posts about in the near future!

Happy Monday!

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