December 22, 2011

Down to the Wire: Gift Ideas that take less than 30 Minutes

Here are some fabulous last minute gifts to really get the "wow" factor of homemade. Check out yesterday's post as well: What to Wear for your holiday parties.

Christmas is not just around the corner, its on the same block. That does not always mean that you have finished your shopping, that's why all of the stores are open 24 hours in preparation for shopper's last minute freak outs. Well, even if it is hard to do homemade gifts at the last minute, here are some great gifts or stocking stuffers that will have the wow factor of being homemade without the extensive amount of time and effort.

{1. Fashionista}
[Wrap Scarf] Have even just a little skill on the sewing machine? Well, this is a simple, no pattern required, project. It will take less than 30 minutes to put together and will put a smile on your fashionista family member's face. 
[The Bangle] Have an old sweater that needs re-purposing? All this takes is 10 minutes, a dollar store bangle and sewing or gluing on the sweater. 
{2. The Barista}

For a less than 10 minute stocking stuffers for the barista in the family, you can easily put together this hot chocolate favor or this tea taster sampler.
[Hot chocolate favor] using a ziploc bag, a ribbon, hot cocoa mix, a candy cane, marshmallows and chocolate chips. 

[Constant Baker]
[Tea Sampler] Sew together two pieces of fabric and wrap up with a ribbon with several flavors of tea from the cabinet (for friends) or pick up a few great flavors at the store.

[Life, Gluten Free]
{3. The Seamstress}
Then there are those people, like you, who always are on some fabulous project. Well, there are gifts for us too. 
[ Sewing Kit ] Take 30 minutes to put this together for your friends who always is going on about her new sewing project. It will really show her/him that you care and know them for them.
[sew she sews]
[ Knitting Needles Carrying Case ] Or take 30 minutes to put this together for your knitting friend, I know I would love one of these for my new found passion!
[sew she sews]

 Even if it isn't perfectly finished, you will still give your heart to your loved ones, because that is what Christmas should be about. Love, cherish and enjoy your time spent with family and friends this holiday. It is so much more worth it.
Happy holidays!

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  1. Wow! These are super cute ideas! I LOVE the one with the tea bags!!