December 23, 2011

Holiday Desserts that make your mouth water

Happy holidays! Christmas is just a day away and the cheer and yummy smells are in the air! The Christmas dinner is always a tradition for a family, but the desserts are where it is fun to try something new! Here are a few delicious Christmas inspired desserts that will make your taste buds tingle ;)

{ Chocolate Raspberry Forest Cake }

[chocolate & carrots]
Give a yummy chocolate forest with your forest cake recipe. Follow the link to learn the recipe for your holiday treats ;)

{ Santa Hat Brownies }

[Daisy's World recipe]
Have these adorable brownie bites for your guests, they will be a hit with their Santa hats on!

{ Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes }

So, its not really Christmas inspired, but hey, who doesn't love chocolate and strawberries ;)

Have an enjoyable holiday!!

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