December 9, 2011

Fashion Friday: casual

So, this was the very last day of actual classes for fall semester and thank goodness, because they were running out of things to teach. It was cold and foggy out this morning and as a daily bike rider to my destinations (work, school, shopping, you name it...) I wanted to be comfy, so instead of toughing it up and putting on that skirt in the closet, I threw on my comfiest Levi's (which are totally my favorite brand) and my favorite top and boots. It isn't glamorous, or super special, but it is me and that is always something I enjoy being in these super stressful times ( the day you need to start studying for finals..). Well, since it is okay to be fashionable and casual, this is what I wore today (plus a nice winter jacket and mittens to keep my little fingers warm on the bike ride). I hope everyone had a fantastic week and does super well on their finals, or work, or whatever you are doing next week.

I have been practicing knitting, but I can't say I have been getting much better... but it is fun ans soothing! So I hope you have a relaxed weekend and enjoy the time you have ;)

If you are interested in how I accomplish the editing and lighting on photos like this one, stay tuned for a post later today on how to set it up and photoshop your dreamy backlit photos.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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