January 6, 2012

Giving old Frames a New Appeal

So, I was surfing Pinterest and ended up on Craftgawker (another pin board inspired website designed for crafters) and saw a photo of some frames that were covered in maps. Well, that reminded me of a super fun craft that my sister did in her first couple of years of college with a girlfriend of hers. So, I decided to take some dollar store frames that I have from my dorm room last year and wanted to spruce up and did this craft with them. 

The craft is to take the frames and use glue to decorate them with magazine clippings. Which is so super fun, and something that is right down my alley! So, here is a little tutorial on how to do it.

{ What you need }

1. magazine clippings 2. old, smooth frames 3. Paint Brush 4. Glue

 Clip out all of your magazine pictures. Then you will apply glue to the back of them with your paint brush, edge to edge, make sure the whole back of the clipping is covered in glue.

 Now you will press the clipping around the frame where you want it.

 Repeat these steps until the frame is covered and add a couple of extras if you prefer ( I added a ribbon made into a bow and a little sparkly jewel.

Do it to as many frames as you like and create a little collage of them on your wall. It is fun and so easy.

Happy Crafting!

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