January 5, 2012

Put a little sparkle in your life

With the biggest holidays of the year behind us, everyone has a little more time for themselves. Well, with all that leftover holiday gear and cheer, why not use some of that glitter from making snow globes and sparkling ornaments? Well, here are a few fun ways to use glitter to spruce up your wardrobe or decorate the house.

{ glitter candle holders }

 Try this tutorial from Ruche's Homemade Holiday guide to make these adorable glitter candle holders. Who says glitter is just for one time of the year? Plus, if you are having a romantic Valentine's Day at home, this is a fabulous center piece that is romantic and less cliche than candle sticks.

{ glitter shoes }
 Check out this fabulous tutorial from A Beautiful Mess on how to make your own glittery shoes. Instead of going out and buying super expensive glitter pumps that are out of your budget (let's face it, even knock-offs are expensive these days), you can pull those shoes out of your closet that are outdated and spruce them up a bit. This would be another fabulous Valentine's Day option ;)

{glitter shoe repair }
This is a similar tutorial from Wobisobi, but only covers the back heel of your favorite pumps that have taken a hard hit in the winter weather. It spruces them up and makes them look brand new and ready to wear all over again!

I hope your holidays were wonderful!

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