January 13, 2012

Untangled & Organizing: Cute Cord Control

Have those ugly wires hanging all over the place around your T.V. and computer that drive you nuts every time you look at them? Me too. But, I just found several create, cute and easy ways to make them look better or even make them disappear.

{ hiding the power strip }

This is an easy DIY that I found using a ribbon box, with the holes already made in the side, or a shoebox and cut the holes with an Ex-Acto knife and put your power strip inside. I am going to do this all over my house with my power strips.

For an extra organization tip, don't let those plugs get lost in there, put bread bag tags on the cords to mark them, as well as stickers on the outside of your box.

{ hiding extension cords along the wall }

I found this fabulous idea on imgfave, but was unable to trace it back to the original source. But, it would be easy to cutout this shape from foam board and use double sided tape to put these along your wall.  Cute, simple, and organized.

{ Decorating extension cords }

If hiding your gorgeous floorboards with the previous idea doesn't work, then you can try these leaf ties from Lufdesign, which are basically decorative zip ties, that look adorable and make those cords a little less dreadful!

{ organizing recharge cords on a desk }

Here is a cute desktop cord catcher called OneLessDrop from Heckler Design. Simple, little and easy.

You can always buy new and improved ways to organize those desktop chargers, but there is this other, inexpensive way to organize them.

{ hiding electronic cords under the desk }

This has been around forever from IKEA, but it still is a great stand-by to hide those unwanted cords under the desk.

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